Swipe and touch, designer thermostat with WIFI.


nVent RAYCHEM SENZ WIFI is developed to suit the modern home owner, who prioritizes high comfort, low energy costs and a beautiful home.It can be used with all underfloor heating cables and heating mats.

SENZ WIFI has all the features of the SENZ thermostat. But SENZ WIFI can also be controlled from anywhere through an iOS or Android app.

Easy to use and flexible
  • Swipe and touch method.
  • Full color capacitive touch screen
  • Big icons in the central menu.
  • Dual navigation swipe and tap.
  • Scrolls for list selection.
  • Wheels for temperature selection.
  • Compatible with most Switch gear frames.
  • Control your comfort with an APP.

With the app you can

  • Adapt set temperature.
  • Change operating mode.
  • Programmed Holiday.
  • Programmed Boost settings.
  • Programmed Economic modes.
  • Visualize energy consumption.

Zone control

With the app, you can control up to 32 zones, each zone being controlled by a SENZ WIFI.  It is easy to group thermostats per zone and to interact with the zone directly (putting OFF the entire zone, planning holiday for a zone).  Creating, naming and managing the zone is done by a simple touch of your finger. 

Free App

Free app download at App Store or Google Play.

To start controlling via the app:
  1. Install the thermostat.
  2. Download the app.
  3. Connect the thermostat to the chosen WIFI network.
  4. Register the end-user’s e-mail address in the thermostat. An e-mail is sent to the end-user, with a link.
  5. Click on the link and the thermostat is activated for distance control function in the APP.
Seven operating modes
  • 3 economic programs.
  • 1 constant mode.
  • 1 flexible Boost (flexible and temporary override of economic or constant mode).
  • 1 holiday mode.
  • 1 OFF mode.

Energy efficient

Adaptive: RAYCHEM SENZ WIFI calculates when to start heating to reach desired temperature. It adapts to the environment and to the floor construction.  Window open function: If the room temperature falls quickly, due to ventilation, RAYCHEM SENZ WIFI does not increase the floor heating during that limited period of time.  Energy consumption control: Shows electricity consumption for past week, past month and past year.


Full color capacitive touch screen.

Four sensor modes
  1. Floor sensing
  2. Room sensing
  3. Room sensing with floor temperature limiter
  4. No sensor

SENZ WIFI is compatible with floor sensor for 2 kΩ, 10 kΩ, 12 kΩ, 15 kΩ, 33 kΩ och 100 kΩ.

SENZ WIFI can be used for new projects and renovation, as the thermostat works with other floor heating systems as well.