The intuitive and energy efficient thermostat


The NRG-DM can be used with all nVent RAYCHEM underfloor heating: QuickNet ,T2Red, T2Red Mat, T2Blue, T2Blue Mat and CERAPRO.  This model of the NRG thermostat family is intuitive and easy to use or program.

Key benefits
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD display with blue back light
  • Smart and precise adaptive function
    • Calculates when to start heating to reach desired temperature when required
    • Adapts to the environment
    • Adapts to the floor construction
  • Easy to program
    • Intuitive navigation structure
    • 3 working modes
      • Event Mode (Weekly schedule to reduce energy consumption)
      • Boost Mode (Temporary override of the Event or Constant Mode)
      • Constant Mode
    • 3 sets of settings
      • Event setting (programming the weekly schedule)
      • User settings (settings that will help the user customize his/hers thermostat)
      • Engineer settings (expert settings to help the installer fine tune to specific needs)
  • Flexible
    • Time schedule with
      • 1 to 6 events per day
      • 1 temperature per event
    • Adjustable Boost Mode
      • Adjustable temperature
      • Adjustable duration
    • Compatible with most switch gear frames
    • Compatible with floor sensor of 2kΩ, 10kΩ, 12kΩ, 15kΩ and 33kΩ
  • Optimum heat management with 4 sensor modes
  • Safe maintenance with 2pole main switch