nVent RAYCHEM ​QuickNet

The thin, self-adhesive heating mat


The new thin nVent RAYCHEM QuickNet mat is the ideal solution for renovation. The ultra-thin (3,5 mm) mat is laid directly in the tile adhesive or in filler and is particularly suited for use under ceramic tiles or natural stone, QuickNet 90 can now also be used under parquet, laminate and wood flooring.

The new nVent QuickNet mats are available in kits containing SENZ thermostat for QuickNet 90 and SENZ-WIFI thermostat for QuickNet 160, or in kits without thermostat (QuickNet 90 & QuickNet 160) to be combined with any nVent RAYCHEM floor heating thermostat of your choice.

The QuickNet 90 can be used on all solid subfloors. When more power output and faster heat up time is required, the QuickNet 160 is the preferred option. The QuickNet 160 can be used on all solid and non-combustible subfloors.

The range is composed of mats of different power outputs (90 and 160W/m²) and lengths (from 1m² to 12m²). If needed multiple mats of the same power output can be combined to cover bigger surfaces.

Key benefits:
  • Extra thin: only 3mm
  • Ease of installation
    • Self-adhesive mat for fast installation
    • No need for return cable
    • Mat simply needs to be rolled out
    • Ready to use boxes : QuickNet 90 with SENZ thermostat & QuickNet 160 with SENZ WIFI thermostat
    • Easy to fit around obstacles: with only 2 cuts in the mesh
  • Fully ECO-design compliant when used in combination with NRG-DM, GREEN LEAF, SENZ or SENZ-WIFI thermostats.​
  • Flexible
    • Can be installed on all well insulated subfloors
    • Can be used on top insulation boards
    • Can be used in shower areas (wet rooms)
    • Many sizes available, even for smallest rooms
  • Reliable
    • No maintenance required
    • Backed up with 12-20 years total care warranty​​

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