Th​e first underfloor heating cable for low energy houses


The T2Green underfloor heating cable is designed for new build and is installed directly in a screed of 15 to 30mm.

The cable, with his output of 5W/m, is designed to be applied in well insulated new construction applications such as low energy buildings and passive houses. The T2Green is the ideal floor heating system for additional comfort heating on tiles, marble or natural stones.

Key benefits:
  • Easy installation
    • Loose wire solution-ideal for complex floor plans
    • Pre-terminated with power cable
    • Package including heating cable, installation instructions, commissioning report and installation tag
  • Flexible power output (from 30-60W/m²) 
    • Closer loops= higher output
    • Wider loops= lower output
  • Compatible with all RAYCHEM floor heating thermostats
    • NRG-DM
    • R-TE
    • SENZ
  • No maintenance required
  • Can be installed on cement screed and concrete subfloors
  • Can be used on top of Wedi (or equivalent) type of insulation boards
  • Reliable system backed up with 12-20 years total care warranty