The flexible underfloor heating cable.


The flexible underfloor heating cable is the first choice for complex ground plans in renovation. T2Blue can be installed on all conventional and stable substructures. The heating cable is embedded in the levelling compound, screed or concrete, with the floor covering on top. T2Blue is available in two power outputs: T2Blue 10 W/m is used for standard floor constructions, and T2Blue 20 W/m is the preferred solution in areas where higher power is required.

The T2Blue electric underfloor heating cable is suitable for new build. The product is installed directly in the screed.

The cable exists in different power outputs (10 and 20W/m) and pre-terminated lengths (11-200m).

Key benefits:
  • Easy installation
    • loose wire solution-ideal for complex floor plans
    • Pre-terminated with power cable
    • Also in ready to use boxes with ​SENZ thermostat
  • Flexible power output (from 60-160W/m²)
    • Closer loops= higher output
    • Wider loops= lower output
  • No maintenance required
  • Can be installed on cement screed ​and concrete subfloors
  • Can be used on top of ​Wedi (or equivalent) type of insulation boards
  • Reliable system backed up with 12-20 years total care warranty
  • No maintenance required