The intelligent underfloor heating system


The T2Red self-regulating system senses other heat sources such as solar radiation, electrical appliances and lighting and it automatically adjusts its heat output accordingly. More heat is produced in colder areas –such as near windows ordoors- and less heat is produced in warmer areas –such as under rugs and furniture. There is no risk of overheating which gives unlimited flexibility for moving furniture around. It can be installed on all subfloors (plastic, concrete, wood) -in dry or wet areas- and it can be easily adapted to all room sizes and shapes.

T2Red electric underfloor heating cable is suitable for new build and renovation, ideal for temperature sensitive floors such as wood, laminate; but also for natural stone, ceramic tiles...

Key benefits:
  • Self- regulating: adjusts heat output to circumstances (more heat where it is required-close to window…, less under .rug, furniture…) Cannot overheat.
  • Can be installed on all types of subfloor
  • For all floor covering- including solid wooden floors- approved by leading manufacturers of wooden floor
  • Ease of installation:
    • Cut-to length
    • Loose wire solution-ideal for complex floor plans
    • No cold lead needed - easy connection
    • One cable fits all
    • Available in ready to use boxes with SENZ thermostat ​and on spool
  • Flexible power output (from 50-100W/m²)
    • Closer loops= higher output
    • Wider loops= lower output
  • With insulation board Reflecta:
    • Additional energy efficiency
    • Even heat distribution
    • Quick heat up time
    • No Downward heat loss
  • Reliable
    • No maintenance required
    • Backed up with 12-20 years total care warranty

What is self- regulating?

  • A self- regulating under floor heating solution automatically adjusts its power and heat output in accordance with
    the temperature of the floor.
  • For cold floors, more heat is produced and in warmer areas, less heat is produced.
  • This variation in heat and power output is independent of the control system
  • The control system is used to further save energy with “Smart” temperature and timer functions.