T2Red with Reflecta

Energy-saving floor warming system


This system combines the selfregulating T2Red heating cable with Reflecta, the pre-grooved, thermally insulated, aluminium-covered plate. It provides extra energy savings of 20% or more. The thermal insulation and aluminium plates reduce heat losses and provide an even heat distribution. The T2Red with Reflecta system is the first choice for wooden or laminate floors and is recommended by many wood flooring manufacturers. It can be adapted to all room sizes and can be installed on most subfloors.

  • Insulation
    • Reflecta Plates prevent from downwards heat loss
  • Installation
    • Installing the T2Red cable in the Reflecta groves
    • Floating installation possible
  • Comfort
    • Perfect heat spreading over entire room
    • Heat output is dependant on the temperature conditions
  • Safety
    • Installation under temperature sensitive floors
    • No risk of overheating
  • Full nVent ​RAYCHEM support
    • Marketing
    • Technical assistance
    • Aftermarket
    • 12 / 20 Year Total Care Warranty

T2Red self-regulating heating cable
  • Senses other heating sources and adjusts its heat output
  • No risk of overheating

Reflecta insulated plates
  • Energy savings* up to 20%
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Better heat distribution
  • Faster heat-up (up to 20 x faster)

Ideal for wooden and laminate floors in dry areas
* Compared to ordinary underfloor heating systems in filler