Floor Heating Accessories

Whether you want to perfect your installation process or execute flawless reparations, we offer a wide variety of accessories designed to make your electric heat tracing system complete. Our attachment tapes, cable ties, pipe straps, mounting brackets, junction boxes, tools, and miscellaneous accessories are meant to be used in conjunction with our electric underfloor heat-tracing systems. 

Reflecta Underfloor Heating Insulation Board

  • T2Reflecta Endplates
    • Extra endplates for installation of T2Reflecta (6pcs/pack)
Reflecta Insulation Board Accessories

  • T2Reflecta P Fix- to use with all tile adhesives
    • Primer for the aluminium layer of the T2Reflecta plates to apply standard with natural stone or tile adhesive
  • T2Reflecta adhesive S – quick glue for tiles & plates- ready to use
    •  1 bucket for fixing approx. 6-9 m2 of T2Reflecta plates or 3 m2 for fixing of both T2Reflecta plates and tiles
  • T2Reflecta A fix glue for plates - to mix with water
    • 15 kg paper bag for 6 m2
Underfloor Heating Installation Accessories

  • Glue stick
    • For loose cable solutions
    • Hot melt glue sticks for use with heat gun
    • Glues cable to subfloor
  • Metal Mesh & Cable Ties
    • For loose cable solutions
    • Metal mesh reinforces levelling compound
    • Ties to strap cables onto mesh
  • Trolley for T2Red spool
    • Easy to unroll the spool when installing T2Red
    • Easy handling with handle and wheels
  • Adhesive
  • Floor primer
Underfloor Heating Thermostat Accessories

  • Sensor tube
  • Spare floor sensor
  • Adaptable frames and fronts to suite different switch gear systems or colors
  • IP44 gasket to upgrade the ingress protection of the SENZ and SENZ WIFI
Repair Kits

  • Repair and extension kit
  • Splice kit
  • Connection and end seal kit