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At home or in the office, in the bathroom or in the living area, nVent RAYCHEM smart underfloor heating systems provide a warm floor and a pleasant room temperature. Our various systems can be installed under all floor coverings like tiles, marble, wood, laminate or carpet.

There is a nVent RAYCHEM underfloor heating solution for every situation.

For customized solutions, call us at nVent 0800 969013

    • Cable or Mat

    • Cable

    • Cable

    • Mat, 4 mm thick

    • Cable

    • For installation with T2Red

    • Power variants

    • 10W/m

    • 11W/m

    • 12W/m

    • Self-Regulating

    • n/a

    • Suitable floor surfaces

    • Tiles & natural stones
      For Wood/Engineered Wood/Linoleum, please contact nVent

    • Tiles and natural stones only

    • Tiles & natural stones

    • Tiles & natural stones
      Wood/Engineered Wood

    • All floor surfaces that are compatible with underfloor heating including Vinyl and Carpet

    • Sizes

    • 11-115m

    • 15-115m

    • Mat sizes 1-10/12m²

    • Max 100m per circuit, can be cut to length on site

    • 1m² and 3m² packs available

    • Installation Method

    • Self-levelling filler 10-30 mm

      Concrete 30-50 mm

      T2Blue-10: 10-15mm

      T2Blue-20: 30-50mm

    • Can be installed on cement screed & concrete subfloors

      Designed for very well insulated floors/houses

    • Directly under tile or in 15-30mm of screed

      Tile adhesive ≤10 mm

      Self-levelling filler 15-30 mm

    • Concrete 30-50 mm

      10-15mm self-levelling compound

    • Installation under temperature sensitive floors

      Mechanical fixation (glue, screws) or floating construction (for engineered wood)

      Always in combination with T2Red

    • Product features

    • Fast heat-up

      Low-insulated sub floor

      Suitable to be embedded in concrete mass.

      Flexible output per m²

    • Flexible output per m²

      Low output for nZeb (nearly zero energy buildings)

    • Fast heat-up

      Low construction height

      Low-insulated sub floor

      Installed directly under tile

      Easy for renovation (4mm only)

      Self-adhesive mat

    • Adjusts its heat output, no risk for overheating

      Perfect solution for temperature sensitive floor covering

      Faster heat-up at lower temperatures

      On site customization (cut to length)

      Complete coverage of the floor surface

      Even heat spreading

      Perfect combination with the Reflecta plates

    • No risk of overheating

      Perfect heat spreading

      Suitable for wet and dry constructions (like floating engineered floors)

    • Power output

    • T2Blue 10 = 60-125 W/m²

      T2Blue 20 = 80-150 W/m²

    • 30-60 W/m²

    • Fixed 90 or 160W/m²

    • 50-100W/m²

    • 35-100W/m² (in combination with T2Red)

    • Warranty

    • 12 / 20 Year Total Care Warranty

    • 12 / 20 Year Total Care Warranty

    • 12 / 20 Year Total Care Warranty

    • 12 / 20 Year Total Care Warranty

    • 12 / 20 Year Total Care Warranty

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