How To Measure Guide  

Use the following tips to calculate the square meters of the heated area:


  • The heated area of the room should exclude areas beneath counters, fixed furniture, or any other areas where Raychem cannot be installed under.

Tips to calculate square meters:

  • Square ​meters is calculated by multiplying the length (in ​meters) by the width (in ​meters) of an area.
  • Triangles are squares/rectangles split diagonally in half. To calculate the square ​meters of a triangle, multiply the length (in ​meters) by the width (in ​meters) of the triangle and divide by two.
  • If needed, break up the heated area into smaller squares, rectangles, and/or triangles to help calculate the square ​meters of the entire area. Calculate the square ​meters of each individual area and add the square ​meters together.
Calculate Square Footage

Area A = 90 x 120 cm = 1.08 m²
Area B = 120 x 150 cm = 1.8 m²
Area C = (60 x 60 cm) / 2 = 0.18 m²
Total = 3.06 m²